Jacqui Kelley-Kinnie

JacquiIn my lifetime of several careers, perhaps the most personally satisfying is the new one of writing.  I began with a career as a professional classical pianist, then suffered a major accident which precluded continuing that career.  While raising my four girls, I taught private piano and voice lessons, but this was not altogether satisfying, and I felt the need for more education, more understanding of people around me, so began searching for a new career.  I ended up having to retake the science and math courses over before the graduate psychology department of State University of New York would let me in, so spent a year and a half retaking undergraduate statistics, biology, and experimental psychology, developmental psych, etc.  Finally the door to higher degrees opened up and I spent the next several years gaining two masters degrees in educational and clinical psychology.  Finally completing graduate work, I went to work as a school psychologist in the nearby Adirondack Mountain towns.  Moving to Northern California with a new husband, I worked in a women’s center during the women’s lib years, and then in a wonderful treatment agency, Children’s Garden.   Children’s Garden is where this memoir takes place, and it was the place where I learned more about human behavior than any other.

Now retired with my husband in sunny Sarasota, Florida, I enjoy many interests.  I love to garden, though my condo board wishes I wouldn’t, and music and art are still in my life daily. I am active as a volunteer Guardian ad Litum for the 12th Judicial Court here, and an active member of the local humanist group.  Our pup, Bailey and kitty, Miss Tigger, keep us both amused and occupied as we write and enjoy these years.

Please feel free to contact me by using the Reviews and Comments tab above. I’d love to know how you like Nutmeg … and watch for new books emerging.