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Memoirs Publications is devoted to making personal stories, histories and other written works available to the widest possible audience. We publish E-books and printed books according to the author’s needs.
Every book we publish comes with its own individual website (like this one) so that it’s easy to have a discussion about your work with friends, family and colleagues. There is no extra charge for this service.
Our team of skilled publishing professionals takes care of all the technical details. Our editors, book designers, typesetters, E-book and Internet specialists will provide you with a work of which you can be proud.
Interested? My email address is

2 Thoughts.

  1. What an easy website to navigate. Attractive and clear. I entered through
    Nutmeg. I could not find it by putting into an address window. Yet here I am.

    Good luck. Not too many words, and all my questions were answered. Even information about websites. Sounds great. If I ever decide to submit, I will write and ask you for the submission materials. meanwhile, good luck, and best to you and Susan.

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