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Options and Guidelines

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There is a range of options for your book. We’ll work with you to choose the appropriate services that will help you reach your goals. Please note that following the Submission Guidelines when sending your manuscript will make the process flow more smoothly.
  • Our basic service includes proofreading the book for spelling and grammar, typesetting it in an attractive format, converting it to an E-book and selling it through E-book retailers. It will be assigned an International Standard Book Number so that commercial vendors can identify it. We will establish an interactive website so you can be contacted by your readers and discuss your work with them.
  • You can also choose a copyediting service that provides a professional edit of your work. The Editor will look at the phrasing and suggest alternate wording when necessary to ensure that the book meets high standards of language and coherence. We will also track the characters in the book for consistency, and look at the timelines and other elements of your work.
  • If you would like your work in print we will provide you with an appealing book in a durable format. There will be an attractive cover. We use Print on Demand technology to ensure that your book is always available to you.
  • Selling the book widely requires marketing. If that is your goal we can develop a marketing plan with you and assist with publicity.
  • When you have decided on the services you wish to have, a firm contract between you and Memoirs Publications will be drafted. It will set out on agreement that specifies the services provided and the cost to you.
  • Please note that following our Manuscript Preparation Guidelines when
    preparing your manuscript will make the process flow more smoothly.
    They are available on request.