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For for those who wish to make their work commercially available and seek a wider audience. Our team of dedicated professionals will:
  • Proofread the book for grammar and spelling, and copyedit for appropriate use of language. We’ll check the timelines and the characters depicted for consistency.
  • Typeset the manuscript
  • Upload the work in E-book format so that it can be available from major E-book retailers
  • Establish a website for the book
  • Price: Approximately $1,850 plus applicable taxes

    Other services available at an extra cost include:
    • cover design • production of printed books  • professional writing support
    For more information write to us at info@memoirspublications.com
    or call 647-203-8543 (Canada) or 941-445-4522 (US).
    We’ll be pleased to answer your questions
    Prices are dependent on services requested and
    on the length of the manuscript. They are based
    on a 150-page manuscript submitted in Microsoft Word™.