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Getting Started

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Tell us about your idea. Send some written material if it’s available. Let us know your goals for this work, be it simply sharing with family and friends or selling it commercially to a wide audience.

We’ll edit your manuscript, typeset it in an attractive format and publish it as an e-book and/or in print form. The e-book can be made available through major resellers (iBooks™, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Indigo).

You will receive 80% of the royalties from the sale of the e-book.

We can also produce an attractive printed book. The work will be printed using print on demand technology so that extra copies are readily available. You will keep 100% of the royalties from sales of the print version.

Your book will have its own website so that people can learn about your work and find out more about the topics that interest you.

The price for the services you choose is reasonable and will be made known to you in advance.

Please email us at info@memoirspublications.com or call 647-203-8543 (Canada) or 941-445-8543 (US) to tell us about your project and find out how to get started.